Why home inspection

People that are buying or selling a home in Florida or Alabama find that home inspections do not cost very much and actually may pay.

First from the perspective of the potential home buyer: A professional home inspection will reveal to you anything that may be cause for concern. Instead of buying a home that has hidden defects that would end up costing you possibly thousands of dollars after you move in to the home, a professional home inspection service would make you aware of the problems beforehand and allow you to make the decison to buy or to walk away from the deal or to work something out with the seller to make any needed repairs discovered in the home inspection.

From the sellers vantage point: A professional home inspection can help you to sell your home faster and quite often for a higher price than neighboring homes for sale. After you have had your home professionally inspected, you will be able to show prospective buyers that what they would be purchasing would be a sound investment, since they would not be required to spend a lot of money after moving in to bring the home up to standard. This in turn will allow you to ask and often get a higher price for the home.

Many homeowners, even if they are not planning to sell, will have their homes professionally inspected so that they can remain assured that the home they are living in is free of mold or structural defects they could be harmful to their families.

Whether you are selling a home or buying a home in Alabama or Florida or if you are living in a home, you should consider having the home professionally inspected by a licensed, insured, professional home inspector . We think that once you see all of the areas of the home that we cover in our inspections, that you will be very glad that you contacted us to professionally inspect the home and help to assure you that the home that you are considering purchasing or selling or the home that you plan to continue to live in is safe and free of possible harmful defects.

Contact us today to learn how inexpensive peace of mind can be with a professional home inspection in lower Alabama or northwest Florida from competent professional home inspectors at EllisHomeInspections.com .

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