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Our exclusive 5 Star Package is your best deal!

5 Star Package includes
* 120 Day Home Warranty
* Moisture mapping with a thermal camera     inspection looking for active moisture concerns

CP 120-Day Guarantee Icon.png

120 day warranty brochure

$2.500.00 GUARANTEE

Our Home Inspectors Guarantee Their Work

Home buyers put their faith in home inspectors to give them complete knowledge of the property they plan to purchase. If the inspector makes a mistake, the home buyer will be left with the repair cost. This is not acceptable for our clients.To ensure your confidence, we have increased our liability to $2,500.00. Most of our competition limits their liability to the fee paid for the inspection (this clause is in most contracts).*

Effective 1/22/2007.  For more details, see the Inspection Agreement and/or call the office.

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