Temperature Pressure Relief Valve

  • By Jim Ellis
  • 19 May, 2017

Incorrect installation of relief valve

Incorrect installation of TPR tube
It's pretty common to find a water heater installed by non professionals. It's also very common to find incorrect installation of the water heater TPR (Temperature Pressure Relief) In this case the tube for the valve runs uphill when leaving the valve. If the valve starts going bad or gets some dirt in it, and starts to drip a little water, the water can't go anywhere. It will sit in the line until enough pressure builds up to blow it out. This can create an unsafe condition and I have read stories about valve problems and the water heater can literally blow up and out!
When this valve starts to go bad you may see water dripping from the end of the tube. If it expels water it can be very hot & dangerous causing severe burns. In extreme cases it's can blow out a ceiling!
Check out this episode of Myth Busters and experimenting with a TPR valve & water heater

Jim's Home Inspection Blog

By Jim Ellis 11 Sep, 2017
This picture of an infrared thermometer shows the temperature in an attic that Jimmy St.Romain took the other day. Way to hot to stay in very long. You can actually get blisters on your hands when you hold onto the framing
By Jim Ellis 06 Sep, 2017
At a home inspection the other day a resourceful home owner reused his beer bottle cap to stop a drain leak on his aged water heater.
By Jim Ellis 21 Aug, 2017
These shims were supposed to be holding up the home in the crawlspace
By Jim Ellis 14 Aug, 2017
I used this drone to get some Ariel shots of the roof for a Florida Wind Mitigation report. It worked really nicely. No climbing up on 3rd floor roofs for me!
By Jim Ellis 31 Jul, 2017
I was inspecting a new home in this particular subdivision when I drove around the corner I got a big surprise. Not as big as the builders got later! For an unknown reason some of the roof truss' fell over. Several of them were damaged and I'm really glad that no one was in the portable toilet as it got knocked over too.
By Jim Ellis 13 Jul, 2017
This sprinkler pump has bearings that are going bad. They will get louder until a neighbor complains then someone will need to spend some $$$ to get it repaired or replaced
By Jim Ellis 07 Jul, 2017
Part of home maintenance here in the south is to get ready for hurricane season. We never know when the next one will hit. We can help be better prepared by trimming trees off and away from our homes. Most of our local power companies are busy trimming limbs back from the power lines. We should take their advise. Falling trees are a huge part of damage concerns here. This video shows a Magnolia tree in need of some help before it causes more damage to the roof and beyond.
They grow 40 to 80 feet tall with a spread of 30 to 40 feet, that is HUGE!
By Jim Ellis 19 Jun, 2017
During a home inspection in Foley, AL I ran across this big guy. This spider was close to 5 inches long. It is my understanding most spiders are venomous to some degree. This "Banana Spider" is low on the totem pole for being a threat to humans, however I do my best not bother them much just in case.

By Jim Ellis 07 Jun, 2017
At the beginning of this home inspection done in Pensacola, FL a few days ago I ran across this tube used and made by termites. I did not disturb it and left it for the termite inspector that was scheduled to be there the next day.  I'm not sure what kind of termites they are or if it's even active. There is no way to tell how much, if any damage has occurred inside the wall without removing some of the drywall
By Jim Ellis 03 Jun, 2017
Check out this video of services we perform for you while looking under your home in the crawlspace
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