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Water, water, water

Water, water and more water

I recently saw a TV commercial from a large drinking water company advertising how much we Americans fill the dumps with plastic bottles. Now they want to help save the planet by suppling us water in their filtered containers. They still offer the other non re-usable bottles. It seems like a double sales standard to me.

I have also recently read, that we have been brain washed into thinking we need to drink  gallons of water per day. I’m not sure how much of any of these stories are true.

Personally we have bottled water delivered to us by a local water company because our well water has a high bacteria count. As a family we do consume lots of water daily, we have old semi-water wasting toilets, live in the hot south, exercise every day, spend time in 140 degree attics during home inspections and so on.

No matter where your water source comes from, it might be a good time to have it checked and it is also a good time to evaluate your water usage. Water quality is probably the most common concern and the one most often tested for. Typically, a basic water quality test will check pH, water hardness, the presence of fluoride, sodium, iron and manganese, plus bacteria such as E-coli. Additionally, water may be tested for the presence of lead or arsenic.

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