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There have been some good posts about moisture and stucco. Spring time we always do more stucco inspections than the rest of the year. I’m not sure why, I guess it’s the beautiful Pensacola and Gulf Coast weather and people are getting outside. I would like to show you what I put in every report.

“The equipment used is to help locate potential problem areas. It should be understood that the test equipment is not an exact science but rather good tools used as indicators of potential problem areas. Because of hidden construction within the wall cavity, the meters sometimes get false readings. Some meters pick up on flashing, metals, wiring or unique wall finishes. Positive readings do not always mean there is a problem, nor do negative readings always mean there is no problem. We use the equipment only to obtain relative readings between suspected and non suspected problem areas. We then use the information to help determine potential problem areas which may warrant more investigation. ”

From left to right, the equipment picture shows a probe with a moisture meter attached which is used for EIFS invasive inspections. The green machine scans the exterior of EIFS for potential moisture and the Tramex on the right is used for interior moisture scanning.

It adds up to having the ability to understand building construction and that water runs downhill (not straight though) and some common sense.


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