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Kristy going above & beyond the call of duty

The a/c condensing unit was located on the roof which is not abnormal, however this one was different.

It was a 3 story Townhome with roof access located on the back outside wall in the form of a ladder attached to the wall and it went straight up...all 3 stories. With no backup screen cage to rely on, Kristy got up near the top and stopped while thinking better of it.

Instead of saying it wasn't safely accessible she put her ladder up on a nearby shed to gain access to that

roof, then pulled her ladder up to get onto the next highest roof top and AGAIN to get to the 3rd story roof. The ladder just barely reached the top of the parapet wall but that didn't bother her. She quickly climbed up over the wall and onto the large nearly flat roof

After gathering the info needed for the a/c and roof she climbed back over the wall blindly and ended up safely on the ground

Thank you Kristy!

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