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Garage door sensors may not save your child

Some items I see during home inspections are so simple to correct yet can make a huge difference in safety of our children and us adults. Door sensors height are so important.

I recently wrote this up at a brand new home. Why wouldn't they spend 5 minutes and do the job right? Maybe save a life! The builder said he "didn't have to do it because it passed building inspection" That is so wrong on every level.

Garage door safety eyes are designed and installed to protect people from becoming entrapped under a closing garage door. The standards are set by Federal and State Legislation.

Current standards require that safety eye sensors be mounted not more than 6” inches above the floor or ground. If the sensors are installed above 6” inches above the floor, they may not detect an individual lying down on the garage floor under the closing door. The sensors should detect anything under the closing door and the door should reverse and return to the fully open position.

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