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Fire Safety

Our governing bodies from Florida & Alabama tell us we do not have to light any gas appliances. It is an individual inspectors choice weather we choose to light them or merely say, “it’s beyond our scope” and let it go. 


Tommy, a good friend of mine and fellow inspector and myself choose to light these appliances. As you can see from the picture it’s not always a good safety idea to do so. He took this picture of the exploded gas line into the fireplace after turning the gas down and wiping the singed hair off his arms and face (already not much hair on his head) 

Though I somewhat joke about it here, it is a friendly reminder of the dangers we are in every day and often take for granted. One blink of the eyes and our lives change drastically. 

So, be sure you pay your Home Inspector on time and don’t be afraid to give him a tip!

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