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We often get calls for inspections of condo’s that should have the exterior inspected. Some of today’s condo’s are really old retired town homes or apartments. We are told that the exterior belongs to the association and is not the responsibility of the owner. Hogwash, who supports and pays the condo fees, the owner (s) of course. I inspected a property today that  looks like it needs a lot of work on the exterior, it may or may not have structural defects at this point. There are obvious signs of moisture intrusion, mold and water damage in a few of the rooms. The buyer was not  overly concerned as she believes the condo association will flip the bill. I am not a lawyer or a realtor by any means, I could not get her to understand she is the association. I guess when the next assessment comes up for special repairs needed, she will understand then. I did my part to worn her and suggest an exterior review of the property

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