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Currently offering moisture mapping/thermal imaging with an infrared camera and electronic moisture meter. It is used to help verify or locate moisture intrusion problems. If it's used during a Home Inspection, it is only to help identify a known or suspect concern.


Does your Home Inspection company offer infrared thermography?

Below are a few samples of items we have found during home inspections.

In the first photo, just below the window looks normal. The infrared picture shows a temperature difference (different colors) indicating air/moisture leaking in the area. Under the carpet, there was wood rot from a window and stucco sealant leak.

The first image is the underside of a front porch. With the use of the infrared camera, you can see the results of moisture leaking onto the ceiling. Dark blue spots on the right are from moisture. It turns out there was lots of wood rot above not visible to the naked eye.

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