Summary Level of Bronze Protection

The Bronze designation is the lowest hurricane-resistance designation a home can achieve. There
are two options to consider when retrofitting a home to achieve the Bronze FEH designation. One option involves replacing the roof covering, while the other option does not.
  When the roof covering will not be replaced, the retrofits for a Bronze designation are required to:
 Strengthen the anchorage of the gable end walls
 Secure soffits and protect roof vents
 Secure roof sheathing by using SPF adhesive on the underside of the roof sheathing
Wind Retrofit Guide for Residential Buildings A-1 

  When the roof covering will be replaced, the retrofits for a Bronze designation are required to:
 Secure roof sheathing through the addition of fasteners in accordance with a designated schedule
 Install a secondary underlayment
 Strengthen the anchorage of gable end walls
 Secure soffits and protect roof vents
 Install a new roof covering 

Summary of Silver Level Protection

The Silver designation is the second level in the FEH designations. To achieve the Silver designation,
the home must meet the requirements of the Bronze designation in addition to the retrofits specific
to the Silver designation.
  Retrofits required to achieve a Silver designation include:
 Protect building openings (windows, entry doors, and garage doors) from windborne debris
 Further strengthen gable ends
 Strengthen the anchorage of attached structures such as porches and carports
The Silver designation provides a higher level of protection against wind damage than the Bronze
designation, and consequently has a higher project cost. However, the Silver designation should
provide a greater reduction in insurance premiums than a Bronze designation. 

Summary of Gold Level Protection

The Gold designation is the highest level that can be achieved in the FEH program. To achieve the
Gold designation, homes must first meet both the Bronze and Silver requirements as well as the
additional retrofit requirements specific to the Gold designation.
  Retrofits required to achieve a Gold designation include:
 Develop a continuous load path
 Protect building openings from windborne debris and wind pressure
A Gold designation requires a more invasive inspection and has a greater project cost. However, the
Gold designation also provides the most significant reduction in insurance premiums and highest
level of protection of all designations within the FEH program.
Prescriptive solutions to develop a continuous load path for simple building shapes and types of
construction are provided in the FEH manual to meet the continuous load path requirement of the
Gold designation. FEH does not require that a professional engineer be consulted to achieve the
Gold designation if a prescriptive solution can be used

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