FORTIFIED Homes in Alabama, Mississippi & Florida

FORTIFIED Home™ is designed to help strengthen new and existing homes through retrofit techniques that will ward off damage from specific natural hazards.

The FORTIFIED program offers flexibility and varying price points through a combination of three designation levels that build upon each other: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The following documents provide an overview of the requirements for each designation level according to the appropriate hazard.
This site goes into lots of detail about requirements:   Disaster Safety Levels

What Makes Fortified Your Best Option in Home Protection?

A FORTIFIED Designation means your home is stronger and may be better able to withstand the next storm, and your family will be safer and better prepared
Ellis Inspection Services has undergone rigorous schooling and testing to be able to have the designation of a


There are mandated insurance discounts in many coastal states including Alabama, Florida and Mississippi for homes that have achieved a FORTIFIED designation.
Save up to 25% or more a year on your wind insurance premiums over the life of
your roof, which is typically 15 years.
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