Everyones home inspector

Everyone's Home Inspector 

Professional competent home inspection services is what we offer to the many fine people around lower Alabama or northwest Florida.

Before you buy a home , before you sell a home , contact Ellis Home Inspections and arrange to have the home professionally inspected. If you already own a home, have it professionally inspected .

A professional home inspection in lower Alabama or northwest Florida from Ellis Home Inspections will cover structural elements of the home like roofing, rotted wood, electrical problems, plumbing defects or more. We'll search for mold or water damage to the home. We'll check for problems with radon gas too.

In general, we will inspect the home from top to bottom to locate and advise you of any problems with the home. This home inspection service conducted by qualified licensed professionals could save you from buying a costly mistake. As a home seller it can help you to assure your buyer that all is in good shape. A home that is certified by a home inspector to be free of costly home defects can help the seller to realize a higher sale price along with making the sale faster than a home that is not professionally inspected. A professional home inspection on a regular basis in a home that you already occupy will help to identify possible problems early on. This can result in you being able to fix the problem long before it turns into a mojor or costly project. It will also assure you that your family is safe while living in your home.

We provide a valuable service to all who contract us to professionally inspect homes in Florida or Alabama. We can help you to save or to make more money when you are selling or buying a home. We can provide invaluable information to those whose family is living within a home that they can be reasonably assured of the safety of the dwelling.

Whether you're selling or buying or living in the home that you have inspected, contact a professional, competent, licensed home inspector and enjoy all of the benefits of knowing that the home you are buying, selling or living in, has been given complete review by a professional home inspector.

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